Union Vinicole de Cully’s consecration at the Terravin Competition: Two “Lauriers de Platine” in Three Years!

Union Vinicole de Cully’s consecration at the Terravin Competition: Two “Lauriers de Platine” in Three Years!

At noon on November 16, 2023, Terravin presented to the press the winners of this prestigious and highest Vaudois distinction, which honors the winemaker for his work and the exceptional quality of his CHASSELAS.

Passion, know-how and determination have enabled our winery, Union Vinicole de Cully in the Lavaux region, to win the prestigious Terravin Competition. After Replan, Epesses in 2021, it’s the turn of Bouton d’Or, Villette to shine, winning the Lauriers de Platine.

A Victory that Salutes the Excellence of Bouton d’Or Villette

What is the Terravin Competition?

The Bouton d’Or, Villette was chosen from 16 pre-selected wines out of 398 Chasselas wines awarded the “Label, Or Terravin”.

The jury is made up of industry professionals, journalists (experienced tasters in the fields of oenology, sommellerie and specialized journalism) and influencers, applying a rigorous blind selection method.

This victory testifies not only to our mastery of winemaking techniques, but also to the constant commitment to excellence that characterizes our winery.

From Replan, Epesses to Bouton d’Or, Villette

In 2021, our Replan, Epesses, won the Lauriers de Platine. This year, it’s with the Bouton d’Or Villette that we once again win the highest distinction of the Terravin Competition. This continued success underlines the consistency of our production and the expertise of our winemakers.

The fruit of teamwork

This victory is not just the result of individual talent, but the fruit of teamwork. Our winemakers put all their heart and soul into cultivating the vines in Lavaux, so as to produce quality grapes for vinification.

Our team’s commitment, from vine to cellar, is reflected in every bottle we present.

Oenology in the spotlight with Fabien Bernau

A special tribute must be paid to our talented oenologist, Fabien Bernau, whose expertise and passion played a crucial role in this victory. His vision and commitment to quality have helped make our winery a recognized player in the Lavaux region.

One More Prize, One More Story

The Bouton d’Or Villette award at the Lauriers de Platine of the Terravin Competition in 2023 is not only a victory for our winery, but also an affirmation of our commitment to excellence. It’s a story that’s written with every bunch of grapes, every cuvée and every award we win.

Long live Bouton d’Or Villette, long live Union Vinicole de Cully, long live Chasselas and long live Lauriers de Platine!

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