Union Vinicole de Cully triumphs at the Grand Prix des Vins Suisses 2023

Union Vinicole de Cully triumphs at the Grand Prix des Vins Suisses 2023

The prestigious Grand Prix des Vins Suisses 2023 once again crowned the exceptional talents and know-how of Swiss producers.

This year, Union Vinicole de Cully shone, winning several gold medals!

Here’s an overview of the award-winning wines from Union Vinicole de Cully:

Replan Epesses, an elegant Chasselas full of character, seduced tasters with its freshness and complexity. It is the perfect embodiment of the Epesses terroir and a tribute to traditional Swiss know-how.

Bouton d’Or, from the Villette terroir, is a fruity Chasselas. With its golden color and floral aroma, it embodies the quintessence of this emblematic Swiss grape variety.

Cully, with its emblematic winery label, perfectly represents the Cully terroir, with its mineral and fruity notes reflecting the richness of this vineyard.

Calamin Grand Cru AOC is an exceptional wine representing one of Lavaux’s most prestigious terroirs, offering an unforgettable taste experience with its aromatic complexity and long finish.

In addition to the award-winning Chasselas, Union Vinicole de Cully was also recognized for their Mondeuse Noire 2022. A delicate and seductive red wine, this grape variety is quite rare in the region.

This series of gold medals reflects Union Vinicole de Cully’s ongoing dedication and commitment to quality and authenticity.

If you’re looking to discover the wines of Lavaux, Union Vinicole de Cully’s award-winning creations are a great place to start. Our wines reflect the excellence of the Lavaux region and its winemaking tradition.

We look forward to sharing them with you.