Union vinicole or viticole ?

Union vinicole or viticole ?

Union vinicole and union viticole are often confused! But what are the differences?

A union vinicole generally refers to an association or cooperative of wine producers. The members of a union vinicole are winegrowers (those who cultivate the vines) or winemakers (those who transform the grapes into wine). They come together to promote and protect their common interests, share technical knowledge, pool resources and market their wines collectively.
Wine unions enable small wine producers to have a greater say in the market by acting together. They can also facilitate access to state-of-the-art winemaking equipment, improve the overall quality of the wines produced, and increase the visibility of the region’s wines on the national or international market.

A viticultural union, on the other hand, is an organization that focuses primarily on promoting and defending the interests of viticulture in general. Viticulture refers to all activities related to the cultivation of vines, including vineyard management, grape variety selection, cultivation techniques, water and soil management, and the protection of vines against diseases and pests.

The viticultural union can be a local, regional or national organization that brings together winegrowers, researchers, technicians and other viticultural professionals. Its aim is to support and develop this agricultural activity by promoting scientific research, offering training and technical advice to winegrowers, and representing the interests of viticulture to public authorities.

In short, the union vinicole focuses specifically on the wine industry and brings together wine producers, while the union viticole concentrates on viticulture as a whole and can bring together more diversified players such as winegrowers, researchers and industry professionals.

So you see, we’re a Union Vinicole 😊