Our team

Manager of the cellar
Martin has been at the head of the UVC since 2000; he elegantly handles the multiple tasks involved in managing this company. He is your reference for all questions concerning our wines


Accounting and customer reception
Lavaux is the land of the 3 suns (star, stone and water); with Suzanne, we shelter a 4th one. Spoken languages: French, (Swiss-)German, English as well as some Valaisan and Austrian patois.


Secretariat, invoicing and customer service
Aude, a true Swiss Army knife, welcomes you on the phone, in the store and also manages the ordering and invoicing of the business. 18 years of experiences in the wine business, she is ready to take up challenges and adapt to any situation !Spoken language : French, German.


Brand ambassador and certified sommelier
Marine is in charge of our Vinilingus rental room, you can contact her for your events and tastings. She is also in charge of wine tourism development. She taking care of our social networks and our website. Spoken languages: French, English, Spanish.


Fabien is the head of the cellar team. His credo in winemaking is the respect of the fruit and the vintage’s specificity.


Cellarman with a graduate degree in oenology
Yvan is the dean of the cellar staff. Multi-skilled, he is, among other things, responsible for the grape must management during the harvest.
Delivery driver
José will deliver your order to your home; this service is only for Switzerland. Shipments abroad are made by international carriers (post, fedex, etc.)

Manuel is responsible for the wine bottling process (putting the wine under glass).
We offer our oenological expertise to various wineries in the region; Eric is specialized in this work in and around the winery.